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Yes, the rejuvenated!

Those of you who have been regular visitor of this website are aware that this website is in existence since 1999 (from those geocities days!). Thanks to my friends, colleagues and students who have helped immensely in getting this website evolved over changing times and requirements. Special acknowledgements to them.

This website is a humble attempt to share information and knowledge and provide platform for intellectual discussions and debates among people.

Important: You are free to download any materials from ‘Learning Resources’ or any other section of this website. Please note that all the materials including photos are copyrighted and hence you must not reproduce them without permission. I do not mind if you use the same material for your professional or personal work without changing any content including the author’s credit. But let me just know in advance! This website is subject to disclaimer.

9 things you can do with website

1) Read and Comment: You can read most of the articles and learning resources for free and without any restrictions. However, certain learning resources are available only if you have signed up for “Latest from” Quarterly Emails. You can sign up for this for free with your personal username and password and it takes less than 60 seconds to do so. You can find “Quarterly Latest from” on the home page or in the bottom menu of any of the pages of the entire website.

Read the articles and give your comments by clicking on “Comments” at the end of any article. Your Comment shall be published within 24 hours on the website so that other visitors can read it, comment back and participate in the discussion. Don’t worry, your email id shall remain private (no spams!). Make sure you subscribe to comments by clicking on “Subscribe to this comment’s feed” so you get a direct email to your email address when other visitors read and reply to your comment.

2) Write / Contribute: You are most welcomed to write an article or contribute on this website by providing your ready-made learning resources, case studies, corporate training programmes, etc. provided they are of good quality and suitable to the target audience. Your work shall be published on this website with your name, professional affiliation and email address so that thousands of daily visitors will be able to read it and the visitors can contact you directly if the need be. So far, this website is a free website and our website administrators do not intend to charge for this in near future. Contact me if you are interested in this by clicking on “Contact” button and describe as to what you wish to contribute.

3) Collaborate: If you find the nature of my work exciting, you may contact me with your ideas / proposals on how we can collaborate and work together on some mutually beneficial project. Contact me by clicking on “Contact” button and describe the areas in which you wish to collaborate with me.

4) Recommend: You can recommend to your colleagues, friends, family and students. Click on “Recommend to Friends” in “Et cetera” section of the home page or bottom menu of any of the pages of this website.

5) Provide your Compliments / Suggestions / Criticisms / Feedback: You are free to provide your feedback in terms of what you liked on this website, what you didn’t like and any suggestions for further improvement. You can do so by clicking on “Contact” or “Feedback”.

6) Subscribe: Depending upon your interest and preferences, you can subscribe to this website in following ways:

a) Subscribe by RSS: You can read the latest contents from this website by subscribing RSS. The moment, new article is published on this website, you will get an email to your email address.

b) Subscribe by Email: You can provide your email address and receive latest articles directly to your email address.

c) Subscribe “Latest from”: You can create your own username and password for free in less than 60 seconds and subscribe to this Quarterly Email “Latest from” directly to your email address. Not more than 4 emails per year.

Note: For all the (a), (b) and (c) above, there is no limit to number of your email addresses. So you can subscribe to your personal and office email address (or more) to ensure that you don’t miss out to receive irrespective of where you are.

8) Connect, Share & Follow: You are invited to connect, share and follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Picasa.

9) Contact me directly: You are invited to contact me directly by clicking on ‘Contact’ button on the top menu or in the bottom menu from any of the pages.  Your time and effort in contacting me is highly appreciated. However, since I receive tons of emails every day, I have to resort taking help of my colleagues in responding to them. I ensure to reply every single email within 10 days. However, in case you do not get my response, please do not hesitate to remind me.

Have you completed your 9 items as above yet?

If not, then stop reading this and start now!

Happy browsing!

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Jatin Pancholi

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