“NSEL Debacle” article in EPW

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Did you follow the recent news of NSEL crisis in India? Or are you a victim of it by any chance? A magazine named the Economic & Political Weekly (EPW) from India, invited my views on this crisis. Have you heard about EPW?

About EPW: The Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), established in 1949, is a highly reputed and leading magazine since 1949, published by Sameeksha Trust, Mumbai, India. Scholars don’t feel they’ve come of age unless they have published in the EPW — peers don’t take them seriously unless they have an EPW article in their name. Intellectuals across the social sciences like Amartya Sen, Jagdish Bhagwati, M.N. Srinivas and Andre Beteille have cut their academic teeth, publishing their works here. The government usually reacts to most newspaper stories and editorials, but the EPW is in another bracket altogether. Its editorials go verbatim into government reports (adapted from the source: Outlook magazine, 23 April, 2007).

EPW Cover PageArticle on NSEL in EPW: Will you be interested to read my personal views and analysis on this?

You may buy the hard-copy of the magazine “Economic & Political Weekly” from a book store nearby you. This article is published in issue dated 14th September 2013, Vol – XLVIII No. 37 (the cover page on the right).

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Click here to read the full article and do write your feedback and comments on the same webpage of EPW magazine and I promise to reply your comment there. Please DO NOT write any comments here below for this post. Looking forward to read your comments on the webpage of EPW magazine!

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