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Here you shall find conceptual, practical and contemporary learning resources. The sample learning resources can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following links.

Sample Learning Resources

Risk measurement & efficient market hypothesis

View more presentations from Jatin Pancholi.

View more presentations from Jatin Pancholi.

Main Learning Resources

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{module 113}


Management Accounting & Control Systems (click)

  1. Introduction to Management Accounting
  2. Cost Concepts & Cost Allocation
  3. Cost Volume Profit Relationship
  4. Decision Making
  5. Allocation & Absorption of Overheads
  6. Activity Based Costing
  7. Budgeting
  8. Controlling & Variances
  9. Balanced Scorecard
  10. ROI & Economic Value Addition
  11. Innovations in Management Accounting

Financial Accounting (click)

{module 161}

  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  2. Moulding Accounting for Managers
  3. Accounting Concepts, Conventions & Principles
  4. Profit & Loss Account
  5. Cash Flow Statement
  6. Matching of Revenues and Expenses
  7. Fixed Assets (Depreciation)
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Analyzing Financial Statements

Financial Management

  1. Introduction to Financial Management
  2. Risk Measurement & Efficient Market Hypothesis
  3. Capital Budgeting
  4. Cost of Capital & Capital Structure

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