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Feedback, Testimonials and Recommendations from corporate training programme participants, clients, students, friends, colleagues and Gurus for Dr. Jatin Pancholi.

Do you wish to add feedback from your side? It can be anything regarding my teaching, research, consultancy, website, or even anything personal! Feel free to share anything that comes to your mind – good, bad, compliments, complaints, suggestions, comments, problems – anything!

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The following are a few selected quotes-reflections which have been lifted from the e-conversations with people (with or without their permission and/or knowledge). Some of them are also taken from faculty feedback forms. They are slightly edited for the grammar and spellings and are not necessarily the complete conversations.

Mr. Yong Fan
Student, China

“The website impresses me really due to its particular setting-up, and its magnitude of learning resources.”

Ms. Farishta Yousuf Student, UK

“It was one of my best module. It was not easy module but the way you explained every topic by giving examples helps me to understand fully. Also the coursework requirement and exam question was very clear to understand specially for international student like me. Often we do not understand the question and ofcourse if someone does not understand the question won’t write the correct answer. My favourite  topic was decision making.

Ms. Arzoo Chunawala (BCom, MBA) ICICI Bank,

“Thank you very much for your help. You are one of the best professors that I have met, as you are dedicated in making us learn and enjoy the subject. Thanks once again.”

Mr. Keval Patel (MBA) IDBI Bank,

“You always be remain my favourite Sir. Who always remain one (sorry) several steps ahead of your student. Keep it up Sir. Like you have never stop in their life. Students are always lucky.”

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Ranga MBA, PhD, Faculty,

“I would only like to say that it is your greatness that you we the students of have also contributed for your award, rather I would like to say that you have ingredient those qualities what a MANAGEMENT GURU. Your website is really a perfect site and i think it has no room for improvement……..You are really …..A DYNAMIC PERSONALITY……n Sir …if you remember in first week of Jan. 2006 you were at Nirma Inst. of Mgmt., I was also there in your speech with a humours content of that 180 second time count was proving that you are second to none when communication skills are concerned or any other field….I am very sure very soon one day you would be addressed as YOUNGEST MANAGEMENT GURU.”

Prof. Keyur Thaker (BE, MBA, PhD) Faculty, n Institute of Management Indore,

“Congrats for a Great achievement indeed you always do the good things in a better ways.”

Mr. Jayesh Joshi (BBA, MBA) Claris Lifesciences, Ahmedabad,

“I should say thanks to you for that call. I got the permission for the project because of you and then only I was able to raise their attention.”

Anonymous Student

“Will help in my future business.”

Mr. Sushant Karpe (BCom, ACA, ACS, ICWAI) Group Research Head M & A Strategic Alliance, Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai,

“I wanted to speak to you yesterday evening after your lecture of MFM 1A but then since you were busy with quite a few of my batchmates, I thought of e-mailing to you on the next day (i.e. today). found your lecture extremely interesting yesterday and was really amazed at the thought process you developed in the class during your teaching. I find your style of teaching as extremely revolutionary and fantastic. I hope that you’ll keep the same approach for all the lectures that you conduct for us !!. Speaking for myself, after ages, probably I got to understand and also perceive the given information in a totally lateral perspective. I thought of it as a significant value addition to my existing knowledge base and it is all thanks to yourself.”

Mr. Birju Karathia (BBA) student & mentee

“You would be feeling that What I am thinking but Sir here there is no one who can guide me best except you. That’s why I am telling you all that. OK Sir all I need is your assistance.”

Mr. Bimal Patel (MBA) entrepreneur based in the USA

“It so happened that last week we had a Weekend course on International Marketing and the lecture started your way. Can you join the 9 dots? I just recalled the way you made remove the glasses and think beyond the box. They also do the same in U.K. You are too good. You know what? I just realized that at least once every year, I congratulate you for your achievements. You never give up! I am glad that we shared some of the time of our life as a Guru – Shishya. Learnt a lot from you and glad for you.”

Mr. Mayank Gajjar (MBA) Entrepreneur, USA

“Amazing and excellent publication by you among other great writers. It is very interesting and knowledgeable. I saw your website and it is gorgeous and I don’t think you should make any changes. Any professional person such as cost accountant, accountant, financial analyst and an investment analyst can be benefited while going on to your website. Congratulations for making a big time professional in life.”

Mr. Mayur Jain (BE, MBA) student

“The few unique features of this particular binder (study material) was the inclusion of special note by the faculty mentioning clearly the course objective, books to refer, other reference sources  and various other policies that he would like his students to adhere to. This helps to clarify the role to be played by the students leaving no space for ambiguity.  Another very interesting point to note was the inclusion of “Internet Resources”. Here the faculty has provided a platform for healthy discussion on the subject and has opened up a great source of knowledge bank for the students. This has been done on the publisher’s website.”

Prof. Barnali Chaklader Dean, Rai Business School, New Delhi,

“Jatin is a friend in need. He is an excellent human being, a bright scholar and researcher and a day will come when he will be a nobel laureate.”

Dr. Omprakash K Gupta Professor and Head, Prairie View A&M University, USA

“Congratulations on the paper that brought you best paper award. These kinds of achievements will make a great management scholars in days ahead.”

Mr. Murlidhar Rao (BSc, MBA) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) currently at McKinsey, New York, USA

“This doesn’t surprise us at all. We had always been expecting you to do something like this. Wish you the very best and hope that you continue to bring laurels. Man, someday we now want to see you on CNBC waxing eloquent on the implications on Global Economy!”

Prof. Ashish Varma Faculty Member, NIILM, New Delhi,

“Useful, witty and very lively website! I believe the word needs to be spread around now. I have already asked my Finance and Accounts Faculty colleagues to visit your site. It is a good platform. More as I go along, Continue the good work Sir.”

Mr. Ajay Sadriwala (MBA) Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.,

“I want to apologise for a short poem that I wrote and placed it on notice board. You have always been a great motivator and a good teacher. I am proud to be a student of a Dynamic personality.”

Mr. Dinesh Wadhwani (PGDBA),Entrepreneur, Mumbai,
“WE ARE ALL PROUD TO BE YOUR STUDENTS. This calls for a treat, in the form of a class of Activity Based Costing.

From a few anonymous Student Feedback Forms while answering to ‘What do you feel were the good aspects of the module?’ (UK)

•           “The seminar and lecture were well structured.”

•           “Good teaching.”

•           “Lectures were very well structured.”

•           “Learning was made easy.”

•           “Lecturer taught really well at a steady pace.”

•           “Learning.”

•           “Everything!”

•           “Taught at good pace that aided the ability to learn.”

•           “Well explained learning outcomes.”

•           “His willingness to help”.

•           “The teaching is first class. The classes are enjoyable. He explains anything anybody asks. The subject matter is good.”

Mr. Milind Vyas (MBA) Manager

“It’s really inspiration to me that I should persist new and grand successes ahead in future without rest. Again a hearty congratulation from me and all my colleague. We always be proud when we say that we have studied with you.”

Mr. Shripad D Kulkarni (PGDBA),Management Consultant, Mumbai,

“Like it is said, if one is pleased with the company of others, the pleasure is mutual. In the same way, we all find ourselves very lucky to have a teacher like you in our class- who would bring our attention to the real ‘core’ of the topic, which every manager has to know. That too in the relatively short time span and more over, with few like me in the class, non-finance/non-commerce persons coming with not much preparations. I personally liked your teaching methodology – to the extent that I could understand it. You have been a significant player in the co-learning.”

Anonymous Student, London, UK

“We had a very enthusiastic module leader who made lectures and seminars enjoyable and not daunting”.

Mr. Ashok Kumar (BE, MBA) Dy. Superintendent Engineer, ONGC,

“SIMPLY SUPERB – No exaggeration ! Some of the things which I really relished in the class are

1. A Perfect style of Teaching, wherein an executive participant like me feels ‘ IN CLASS’ after the day of hectic activities in office. Your ‘Way of Deliverance’ over any point under discussion puts us ‘AT EASE’ , thereby allowing even the minor ingredients of the lecture enter into our mind without much of efforts.

2. Your way of first soliciting the opinion of the class over any topic thereby exhausting in them all the ifs & buts & all the possible alternatives and afterwards summing up the point under discussion very precisely. This gives us a ‘Better Clarity & Understanding’

3. The ways & efforts applied by you in Boosting the class, Encouraging them for active participation & Instilling in them a sense of confidence is marvellous. This approach of yours is helping us from ‘coming out of any ‘inhibition’ in a situation wherein active participation & some sort of suggestion / deliverance is required from the participants.

4. From my entirely personal angle, an honest confession. The only time slot which I got for this subject is the two hours of class because of the tremendous job responsibilities which I carry. Saturdays & Sundays all busy. Hardly gets any time for further readings at home (Though I have started working on time management, results will be visible only after some time). But the time which I spend in your class itself is giving substantial confidence to me as far as performing well in the class and applying the same in my day to day working is concerned. Again to repeat- The feedback is an honest confession from an honest student. No exaggeration. Hope the same will continue in future too.”

Mr. Gaurav Dave (BSc, MBA) Marketing Manager, Panacea Biotec Ltd.,

“He is the best teacher, rather friend, I had ever seen in my life of first 23 year. He had the great ability to motivate at the level of one’s best and to convince. He can really educate about how to use and develop the personalities and how to get importance among people with your USP. He is the real educator of ‘Progressive thinking’ – that is about how to go ahead with smart work in real life. He is the man with good helping nature.”

Ms. Shiny Sasidharan ICICI Bank,

“Your presentation at the seminar was really great. I had never felt finance or rather ABC costing to be so interesting. it was really great. I wish you could be there as our faculty. It was really a fruitful and knowledgeable seminar. I wish you could be there as our faculty. Though we don’t meet personally I have learnt a lot from your through our interactions.”

Mr. Manan Patel (PGDEM), Entrepreneur

“Working with Jatin sir was the very good experience for me i have never seen an energetic personality like him. Very few persons get success in making the things live and enjoyable but it is very easy for Jatin sir to convert dead and boring things into live and enjoyable. he keeps him self very updated. so it is very necessary for the student to update them self to keep pace with sir.”

Ms. Kavita Desai (PGDBA) post graduate student,

“Thank you Sir. But your lectures are the only lectures in which we are most attentive. You may check with other students also. You are the only faculty whose feedback comes first. It is really  an honest compliment. “Guru vina gyan nahi”. We are proud to be taught by one of the best teachers.”

Ms. (Prof.) Suchismita Sengupta Faculty, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata,

“I was very much impressed to view such an interesting & innovative website that contains lot of useful information for people from academia, research as well as industry. I do appreciate his co-operative nature of Disseminating information, knowledge and ideas that enable people of different interest group to access their required information for their knowledge update. My congratulation to his dedicated team and the webmaster for their excellent team work.”

Ms. Roshna Koshy (PGDBA-VSAT) post graduate student,

“I’m really happy for that & I would take it as a real honour to have been part of ur student clan. I’m a student through VSAT but even through that mode, the interaction that we had was really great. Looking forward to attending any more sessions that you would conduct for us.”

Mr. Suresh K corporate professional,

“First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your recent achievements !! We were honoured to have you as our professor. Personally, I was very apprehensive about accounting as I never comfortable terms used by these people. You made it all easy and gave me, personally, a lot of confidence. Still there is a lot more to do and I hope my learning will not end there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !”

Mr. P K Shah General Manger, Klockner Desma Machinery,

“This programme is quite relevant in today’s professional and competitive business scenario Always devil lies in details. This programme has showed ways & methods to dig out hidden details of cost generation in the organisation. This help in taking right decisions at right time.”

Mr. Pinkesh Modi Klockner Desma Machinery,

“ABC helps us to identify or find out cost objects or we can say to find all indirect cost in the organisation. It also helps us to identify products profitability customer profitability This training programme will help us to make good decision relating where inefficiency found in cost allocation to find out those inefficiency and revised them for better cost allocation. Faculty is very good he is having explanation power with good example or we can say with good case study. He explained this ABC techniques which will help us to make decision.”

Mr. Parshuram Patil Director Marketing, Brisk Sungreeds Cotton Ltd.,

“Great Highly knowledgeable. I will definitely try and apply the gained is my organisation As such it was altogether a great seminar to participate.”

Mr. Atul Vinchi Technical Director, Shilp Gravures Ltd.,

“Very nice. Surely if will improve decision making.”

Mr. Nirav Mehta Manager, Claris Lifesciences Ltd.,

“ABC (shall) help for orders accepting the intent and how to reclaim the order. To know actual cost and by the cost knowing its help to grow our self. More confident it taking decision of costing.”

Ms. Maha Al Balushi Manager, Oman, UAE.

“Well. I only met you once, but you helped me observe things differently. You are a hard working person I think you deserve a lot of appreciation. I really think I was lucky to meet such a person. I know that you will help me when ever I needed, because you are a very nice person, as well as a lecturer I guess. Good luck.”

Prof. Hyxia Villegas Director Research Center, Universidad de Carabobo, Latin America

“It was very nice to meet you. You are very active person, hard worker, and smart.  I guess you will become dean of a University very soon.”

Mr. Suresh Purohit (MBA) Jewellery manufacturing and exporting company, USA

“I am your student even I am far away from you. I have learned lots of things from you and still learning even I am thousand miles far away from you am feeling my self proud that I am student of such dynamic personality.”

Mr. Yves J Savard Professional accountant and consultant, Canada.

“I am very grateful to hear from you “My mentor“ …You are a very nice person and I hope to have the opportunity to help you more than this, some day.”

Mr. Vishal Pandya (BSc, MBA) corporate professional based at London, UK

“I remembered a sentence said by you that MBA is a 3 year program and I absolutely agree with it. And if I have to go ahead I would say MBA is not at all education it is all about empowerment. I still remember those days spent in your cabin and having fun with you. I wish I could sit like that again. I can see my ‘Guru’ going leaps and bounds.”

Prof. (Dr.) B A Prajapati (MCom, PGDBM, FDP-IIMA, PhD) Vice Chancellor, South  University, Surat,

“I wish that you prove your worth. You are equally competent and ever superior. May God almighty bless you. Always eager to listen good news from you.”

Prof. Srinivas Dulipala Faculty, Alluri Institute of Management Science,

“I have no words to express, rarely we find people like you, Ill be in touch with you, in all my academic aspects, tomorrow when i take my class on motivation, it will be on “Mr JP who inspires the world” i’ ll make all my students to have a keen look on your website which make great impact.”

Mr. Jaimin Mehta (BE, MBA) Marketing Manager, Reliance Ltd, Pune,

“It seems you have also done PhD on MSWord!!”

Mr. Nimesh Patel (BE) Marketing Manager,

“But we miss you very much. thanks for your great advices you have given me so far and looking forward for many other.”

Mr. Hemant Koyare (MMS) Manager,

“I have mailed you to thank you for teaching us management accounting so well. It has highly contributed to my summer project. I am doing my summers and also went through the past projects done by them at the offshore development centre in . Tthere I found that they could have saved more money had they done more offshore work here since the charges per man hour is less I brought this to the notice and they insisted me to present the same. I did it and was able to apply all the management accounting formulas and I could show savings of $ 60,000 plus which is amazing. I thank you for the same again.”

Mr. Amit Chohan (BE) Sr. Software Engineer, Wipro Technologies, UK

“Really sad to hear that after such a fab of an accomplishment, they refused to list you in Limca & Guinness Records. But I’m sure that you will very soon accomplish bigger tasks and get your name in the Hall of Fame !!! All the Best !!!”. I knew you were on the right track! I am so very proud of you! I’ve been always telling people in my friend circle about you and your achievements.

Ms. Komal Parikh (BCom, LLB, ACS) Practicing Company Secretary, Mumbai,

“Congrats. You are one person whose growth rate I have always wanted to emulate.”

Mr. Tapan Joshi (BSc, MBA) Project Manager and ERP Consulstant, Covansys Ltd,

“The best quality in you is that you are always ready to give back to people who have contributed in your growth. There are so many successful people in the world but very few of them are ready to go back to people who have been stepping stones of their success, and I believe that this rare quality is lying in you which separates u from others.”

Mr. Nehal Shelat (MBA) Australia

“Thanks for your  wishes and  I don’t know that what to say for you, ” ALFAS ” NAHI MIL RAHE HEY. In you there is a hidden POWER which is given by God. That you can motivate to any one. Even if you will go to  “SMASHAN”  (graveyard) then dead body will be alive. Really that type of power you have. I pray to God that you can help to needy people any how but from your side I can say that you are like Doctor who is  giving medicine to patient and similarly JATIN PANCHOLI is also  DOCTOR. So he must have to give his dose  to needy people like me.”

K Rajasekaran Nair (CAIIB) Deputy Director, Ahmedabad Management Association,

“KUDOS to you!  I am extremely delighted. YOU REALLY DESERVE IT!  I am sure that you will definitely receive many more such laurels in the days to come.”

Dr. Keyoor Purani (BE, MBA, PhD) faculty and corporate trainer at the n Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK),

“You are a great guy. Not because you have won some awards. They don’t impress me. Your dedication to work, quest to know more and great appetite for learning, more importantly ability to adapt the knowledge to apply/ implement in individual real-life situations – observed, seen and felt over series of our interactions and association has impressed me a lot. I am extremely happy to see that you don’t rest on your laurels and despite some degree of success and achievements, you don’t relax and compromise. Not only you keep looking for suggestions humbly from others but work even harder to implement them suitably to achieve bigger. I am saying all today not out of the blue but over last many interactions its wonderful to see how one can work hard (and not only hard work, hard work with intelligence) to turn a weakness into strength.”

Mr. Ibrahim Casubhoy Advertising & Marketing company, “Congratulations on your milestones! If one goes by the vibes you generate in the class only, I am sure, Sir, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once Again, I would say ‘ Just Phenomenal! – JP’. I congratulate for your tremendous achievement and award. Yes, we all are going to remember you for a long time and what you taught for a lifetime. God willing, we all intend to catch up with you and continue the learning process. INSHALLAH!”

Prof. Dhawal Mehta (MCom, MBA (USA)) Guru and former Director of management institute,

“Congratulations for the best presentation of your paper and that too from so many papers submitted and that too in an in international conference in England. This is indeed a great achievement  and at your age it is to say the least, a stupendous or a Himalayan or a gigantic achievement. Only I was the first to spot talent in you and you have more than met my expectations. The whole world is for you to conquer with your amazing abilities and talents. You indeed deserved it. I am proud of you that you have resisted the temptations and have proved a marvel. You have developed your potentiality to the full and will do so in the future. Now you will truly understand what I was insisting in our talks your duty is not to anybody not even to parents but only to grow in the direction in which you have talents and aptitude and liking. I am glad that you have done so and are continuing to do so. The pleasure from growth is more than anything money could buy and monetary reward is a by-product.”

Anoop Jhawar (MBA) Director, Arpit International Pvt. Ltd. .

“It’s indeed great honour to we all that we were and are student of you who made us so bright and courageous to get into this world.”

Mr. Jatin Dixit (BSc, MBA) Marketing Manager, Canada

“Congrats for your new designation. It’s indeed a great achievement of yours.”

Ms. Shilpa Gawai (PGDBA) student

“I am glad and lucky enough to get a chance to learn cost accounting from you.”

Ms. Ruchi Vora (PGDBA-VSAT) student

“First of all I would like to tell you that we really miss cost accounting lectures a lot. I can thereby say with conviction that every student in the class absolutely had loved your sessions and yours was one the very few subjects where each and every student participated in the lectures. They like your style of teaching very much as in your sessions apart from some serious studying we are always smiling. We really had enjoyed your sessions in cost accounting and it was a very good experience. All the students really miss your classes”.

Anonymous Student 

“Dr. Jatin Pancholi is an asset to the module. I feel he is good in explaining and setting the class to understand…. I feel that I have understood much more from Jatin”.

Ms. Pavni Jaidka (PGDBA-VSAT) USA

“Today’s session was fantastic (not that the previous the two were not..:) Our “e-class” was quite intriguing and it did make me “think” quite a lot. … the concept of Break even point and its application couldn’t have been  better explained. Thanks so much. Looking forward to our next to another “thinking session”.

Ms. Neetu Vanjani (BSc, MBA) Research Assistant, UK

“Yes I got your message. It is bad for both MBA1 and MBA2 to miss your lecture. actually as I had already declared that in class, so everyone was excited to hear you on this occasion. anyways we all expect that we would hear next time you come.”

Anonymous Student 

“He should see that the students are reading theoretical material also. Taking a few tests might help.”

Ms. Priyanka Pathak (BBA, MBA) Faculty, VMPIM,

“I am really so exited that I  don’t know what to say. But, I will just say that may God always have the same favour for you forever.”

Mr. Jigar Pandya (MBA) student

“You will be symbol of hard work and dedication.”

Ronak H (PGDBA-VSAT) student

“Sir I would like to say that I have been very impressed with your style of teaching. You have a very impeccable style. The way you explain things seems flawless.”

Mr. Sushrut Bhagwat (MBA) student

“Sir I beg to say that I was really affected in a  positive way by what you told me today.”

Mr. Shivam Agrawal (PGDEBM) Entrepreneur,

“Many many Congratulations. We are very proud of you that you got this award. We all students thank you and we wish that you always remain top not only in institutions but also in our heart as a good teacher and good friend.”

Mr. Shlok Bhatia Professional Manager,

“Apart from imparting knowledge (the usual text books and practical case studies) what I found unique in your teaching methodology is to also impart words of wisdom. I remember very clearly one of your WORDS OF WISDOM “Either you do it or you don’t do it; you never TRY”.

Dr. P V Desai (MCom, PhD) Guru and Management Consultant,

“Keep it up and make all of us proud.”

From a few anonymous Student Feedback Forms while answering to ‘What aspects of this module do you feel could be improved; how would you improve these aspects?’ (UK)

•           “Solutions to past exam papers will help.”

•           “Nothing.”

•           “More examples.”

Anonymous Student

“…was very supportive. He explained things very well, he pushed people to ask questions when in doubt.”

Mr. Bhavesh Kamdar post graduate student, UK

“I wish to thank yo for your support and guidance without which it would have been impossible for me to achieve this result. I owe my excellent grades to you. I don’t have proper words to say how grateful I am for your help, tips, advises and time.”

Mr. Pritesh Kerai Student, UK

“Thank you for being with us…You are a great lecture and also a great teacher. Keep it up… ”

Prof. B M Mulye (MA, LLB) Former Principal and Guru “I have known you as a student, and I strongly feel you deserve the awards the most for your academic motivation, tenacity and perseverance, first as a student and then as a teacher in business schools. I feel immensely happy about it.”

Prof. Narayan Baser Faculty, B K School, Ahmedabad, .

“You are simply down to earth personality. I never forget your phone call from UK on my small achievement of joining BK School. You and your work are always source of inspiration and motivation in my life. Your advice and help is really value addition to my career. I pray to God that he gives you all that you desire.”

Prof. Dharmesh Raval Faculty Member,

“I have met a lot of people but you have really  made a long lasting impression on my mind with your friendly behaviour and intelligence. I admire the quality work you are doing in the field of academics and making it more than useful for people like me.”

Mr. Chaitanya Doshi Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), Government of ,

“We have upgraded our knowledge about ABC in today’s training programme (and shall) use as in our curricula.”

Mr. Amit Jain Harsha Engineers,

“The faculty Mr. Jatin Pancholi seemed to be a very knowledgeable persona and whatever inputs were given by him on the subject were really very engrossing and interesting and will prove to be helpful in enhancing my knoweldge on the subject. The training on the whole was very good.”

Mr. Ketan Sulat Dy. Manager Costing & IT, ATE Industries Pvt. Ltd.,

“The programme will help us to take decision for new product development.”

Ms.. Ruchi Negi post-graduate student

“I enjoyed your Cost Accounting lectures immensely.”

Mr. Trilok Chauhan Claris Lifesciences Limited,

“It has strengthen the concepts of costing which will help in implement the knowledge in our practical work. Awareness with the costing system will add on knowledge It has helped in strengthening my concepts on costing. It has provided on evaluation mechanism for what we are doing current(ly) (as) costing activity.”

Mr. Jayesh Jadhav ATE Industries Pvt. Ltd.,

“To learn from this programme we have so much helpful for our preparation of questions at customer end. To learn this programme to also our international vendor negotiations so helpful to us.”

Ms. Edith Piaf Faculty & Consultant, USA

“I think that the powerpoint presentations are an excellent form of interactive pedagogy, that truly aids the student in the understanding of the accounting cycle, generally accepted