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Message from Dr. Jatin Pancholi:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms or general feedback. Please be aware that anything you email me through this form or blog entry / comments or on my other email addresses may be published on this site and/or other web sites that I am involved with. If you do not wish any part of your message should be in public domain, just add the word ‘PRIVATE’ in the subject line of you email and I will consider it to be for myself only.

I get more emails than I can handle on my own. Hence, sometimes I do take support of my staff and/or family members to manage them. However, I do read every single email I get and I appreciate all feedback. Though I would love to, unfortunately, I am not able to reply to all emails. I apologize for the same. Due to my professional and personal pursuits, many a times I am away from any internet access and hence I may not reply to all your emails in time. Considering factors like the number of emails that I receive, my schedule, the staff that I have to support, I usually aim to reply to each email in 30 days of time. In case, you have any urgent task/emergency, kindly email with the word ‘URGENT’ in the subject. Hope this helps all of us. Thanks for your understanding!

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